Let Me See You
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This is one of my favorite song’s I’ve written. Sometimes when we’re going through a rough patch in our faith we need to call out to God.

This recording was done kinda backwards. I originally recorded just the vocals and acoustic guitar. Later I decided to add electric guitar, bass and drums (played on a MIDI keyboard). When I play without drums my tempo tends to drift so adding the drums was a bit of a challenge.

My Ghost
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A simple, relaxing piece done completely in Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio using VSTs played on a MIDI keyboard, and a few samples. The piece doesn’t have anything to do with ghosts, I just happened to be watching a TV series called Oh My Ghost when I was writing it.

Is It Too Late
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This is a song I wrote back in the early 90’s and honestly had forgotten about, I ‘re-discovered’ it while poking through some old master tapes. The recording was really rough so I decided to re-record it.

The recording is a combination of me on vocals and guitar with drums, bass and acoustic guitar from Band in a Box.

One More Child
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This song was from my time in a duo named Caricatures of a Nouveau World. The lyrics are by Bryan Toranzo, music by me. The recording is horrible, it was recorded in 1988 during a practice session using a boombox with Automatic Level Control and the original tape lost a lot of fidelity over the years.

Of course, this wasn’t posted in 1988, that’s when the song was recorded.