Sidney the Super Space Snake

Back in 1991 I wrote a game for the Tandy Color Computer 3 called Sidney the Super Space Snake.  I sent the game into the Rainbow magazine to be reviewed, the review wasn’t bad and it sold fairly well.

“The graphics and colors are crisp, sharp and artistically done – a visual delight” – The Rainbow Magazine, September 1991

A few months ago I found out that you could download Sidney from a Coco website. Rather than being annoyed that someone was pirating my ancient software, I was surprised and slightly pleased that someone had bothered to. I downloaded a Coco3 emulator and my program (I’d long since lost the source code) and found that it was still an enjoyable game.

A few days later when I was bored I decided to rewrite Sidney for Windows, it took about 2 days.  Due to the increased resolution I had to change the size of the game but most of the other elements are the same, I even recorded the original sounds and used them in the remake.  I went on to create Linux and Android versions.

So if your up for a retro remake of a 28 year old game, check it out.

Windows Download

Linux Download

Android Download (Google Play)