The Sleeping Game, Some People Just Don’t Get It

A few years ago I wrote a joke program for Android called The Sleeping Game.  It purports to be a game where you score points for sleeping, the game was released under the rules set forth by the completely fictional Fédération internationale des Jeux de couchage (International Federation of Sleeping Games).

It seems the humor is completely lost on most of the people that have downloaded the game, it is rated at just under 3 starts on Google Play.  I’ve even gone so far as to put the following statement on the app page.

** Notice: Do not take this app seriously, it’s not a real game, it’s a joke program. Encourage your friends to install it then watch the fun ensue! **

Apparently no one reads the description. At first I was a little annoyed by all of the bad reviews, but now I view it as a badge or honor.  It’s a app that can only be appreciated by those with a special sense of humor, it is lost on the masses.

So if your up for a useless program that may, or may not, provide ammusement be sure to install it.  And leave the worst review you possible can, without making it personal of course. 🙂

Download The Sleeping Game (Google Play)