Gmail Backup

I’ve been working on a program to backup the All Main folder of a Gmail account.  I have a little over 20,000 emails in my account and I thought it might be nice to have a backup.  I tried a few programs but as usual none of them worked the way I wanted, so I’ve written my own.  It’s been fun to write but the testing has been tiresome. It takes a while to backup 20,000 messages, and I also have to test the repair tools that reindex and verify the backup. But the work has paid off and the program is going to move into open beta soon.  Oh, and there were be a free and paid edition. The free edition won’t be watered down, but rather then paid edition will have a few niceties.

You can check it out at There’s not much on the product page right now, but by the time someone actually reads this post there will be. 🙂