Family reunion game and being lazy

If anyone actually followed this blog they’d probably think I was lazy programmer considering I haven’t posted in about 4 months.  I’m not a lazy programmer, but I am a lazer blogger.  Most of my programming has centered around creating network throughput testing software and updating my KABcam webcam software, maybe I will post a a bit about that at some point (probably not).

Family Reunion, The Game

My wife, kids and I went to a family reunion a few weeks ago for my aunt who turned 80.  Even though I am not fond of social gatherings it was not bad. At one point my son (14) and I started tossing around ideas for a family reunion game, eventually we settled on different game mechanics and challenged each other to complete our respective games. Of course that hasn’t happened (he is my son after all), but I did start on it. 🙂

My game is a top down survival type game where you are trapped in a room with relatives. The relatives will drain your energy to varying degrees, if you run out of energy you lose. Energy is replenished by eating something from the good table or going to the bathroom. There are 4 types of relatives with the number of each increasing as the game wears on.

Grandmothers move around randomly, if you get to close they will go after you. While they are slow they are the most dangerous, if they catch you they will drain your energy very quickly. In order to break away you have to appease them with a kiss, hug or telling them you remember a time when… If you don’t break away soon enough the grandmother will call over other nearby grandmothers. At this point your chances of survival are slim.

Like grandmothers, if you get close they will also go after you, but they drain energy more slowly. You have a chance of befriending them, if you do they will no longer drain your energy and will even attempt to run interference if you get trapped by grandmothers.

Aunts are hit and run. If you are close they will quickly catch you, drain a small amount of energy and let you go. While this may not seem bad, they can really slow you down when you are trying to outrun grandmothers. Their advantage is that they can help disperse uncles.

Uncles don’t seek you out at all, but they will drain energy if you have to interact with them. They tend to congregate around the food table and bathroom doors making it difficult to replenish energy.

I’ve coded the basic mechanics of the game, that’s about it.  I’m going to have some extra free time soon so if I don’t waste it all watching movies or playing Guild Wars 2 I might be able to make some progress.