When good ideas go bad

f9250-2016-02-202b13_24_03-penelope2b-2bputtySometimes an idea that seems good turns out to be not so good. In this case it was a change to the internal workings of the Bedevere MUD Engine.  The extreme programming part of my brain overtook the sensible programming part.

I had been thinking about the entity objects in the engine and how using a base object for all entities might be a good idea. Other entities such as characters, rooms, mobs, weapons, etc. would be created from the base object by adding attributes.  This idea would allow completely new types of entities without needing to write tons of new code. With this grand idea in mind I started rewriting the engine and it worked as I had hoped… However with this change came complexity when adding rooms, characters, mob, weapons, etc. to the game world. I was excited about this complexity (being that kind of person), but after a while realized that it moved away from the original idea of the game engine. When I first started creating the game engine my primary goal was to make it easy for someone to setup and maintain the game world, but this new change went in the opposite direction. So I pushed the extreme programming part of me back into a dark corner and went back to the original code.  This means that the game engine will be a bit limited, but it will be super easy to use.