World Time & Lighting

Login screen shotIt’s been a while since I have updated the Bedevere MUD Engine, but again I found some time to work on it. I’ve added a world time which can follow the actual time of the computer it’s running on, or it can run accelerated time.  Along with the time I’ve added the ability to set rooms as lit, dark or time based. If a room is set to dark, or time based and it’s night time, players will not be able to see unless at least one player in the room has a torch equipped.

The next step is to add the ability for mobs to use a torch, this will allow a first strike advantage during combat. If either the mob or players have a torch they will have the advantage. If neither do then hit success and damage will be reduced for all. If they both do then combat proceeds as normal.  I hope to have this step coded in the next week or so.