Sleeping Monsters

Login screen shotI found some time to get back into coding the Bedevere MUD Engine.  While cleaning up some code I added a command to show the current system time, not the date just the time.  Then I thought, what good is it to know the current time if it doesn’t have any impact on the game.  So… I added an option to set a time span when a mob  is awake.  While awake the mob will move around, pick up loot, attack players, etc.  While asleep they will not move, will not attack unless provoked and will have their dexterity halved during combat (being that they just woke up and probably have to go to the bathroom). Players can easily slip past sleeping mobs. Since I was already adding timing code to check for sleeping mobs, I also added the framework for timed events. I’ll have more information on this when I flesh out the details (though who knows when that will be).