Implementing Google Play Game Services, what fun!

In one of the many games I am working on, and will probably never finish, I decided to add Google Play Game Services so that the player can win achievements, post game scores to leaderboards, and share all of this fun with others.

There are two fronts to implementing the GPG services, the first is configuring your app settings in the Google Developer Console so that it can use the service, then creating the achievements and leaderboards.  There are a number of steps, but as long as you follow the instructions it’s not that difficult. Don’t try to wing it, you will fail!

The second front is implementing  the GPG services in your app. I am developing this particular game in Fusion 2.5 which happens to have a GPG extension that hides most of the API calls in a neat package.

A did run into three issues, two where my fault.  The first was that somehow managed to use different package names in the app build and the developer console. This prevented the player from logging into the service. Since it was a simple mistake, it took me a while to figure it how.  The second was that after the player logged into the service it promptly gave an error “unknown issue with Google Play services”.  It turned out that even though I wasn’t using the cloud api I still had to enable it for the app.

The third issue, and the one that I still haven’t solved, is that scores posted to the leaderboard never show up.  Achievements work fine, but something is amiss with the leaderboards.  If I ever get this solved I will follow up with another post.