Space Tank Commander Redux

2016-04-04 16_31_10-Space Tank CommanderLast year Thomas and I worked on an RTS networked, multiplayer space tank game. (I’ll explain the tank part in a minute.)  I ran into trouble with the multiplayer networking part on Android devices. On Windows it was fine, but on Android devices is stuttered badly. I decided to drop the project (not like I need a reason too).  Recently I revisited it and have made some improvements.

I managed to optimize the network code so that it runs much better on Android devices. I did this by reducing the number of messages and reducing the tanks per player from 7 to 4.  To make up for the reduction in tanks I will be adding a queue system, but that is for another post.

2016-04-04 16_32_24-Space Tank CommanderNow for a bit about the game itself. In Space Tank Commander you command 4 (or possible 5) space tanks at once, switching between each tank to maneuver it. One tank is the Mother Tank, the other tanks can dock with the mother tank to replenish their health. Once your mother tank is destroyed you loose the game. It is only a multiplayer game, there is no single player.  I know this description doesn’t sound very exciting, but the game itself is.  It’s one of the only games I made that Thomas is actually interested in. 🙂

I mentioned  I would explain the tank part of Space Tank Commander. When I first started working in the game I planned to make it a regular tank game, but when the time came to start working on the ground graphics… well I didn’t feel like doing it. Due to my laziness I decided to switch to space tanks so that all I had to do for the background was add a parallax star field and a nebulous sort of thing.

We have a lot more features to add, such as different tanks for each species and the queue system. In the queue system you will have a number of credit you can use to purchase tanks and set them up in a queue, as your tanks are destroyed in battle they are replenished from your queue.  Setting up your queue in the right order will be a strategic part of the game.

That is all for now. Leave your questions and comments below.