What do I code in?

This is going to be a touchy subject for some.  Some folks think if you don’t code in C you are fooling yourself. On the other extreme, I cringe when I hear someone say they program in Excel.

So, first a list of languages (and environments) I have programmed in, listed (mostly) in the order I starting using them. BASIC (Timex Sinclair), dBase II, MS BASIC, Color BASIC, Assembly, Basic-09, Turbo C, Visual C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic 6, VB.Net, Python, AGK BASIC, DarkBASIC and PureBasic. I read Pascal (Delphi) and C#, I just don’t code in them. Currently I code in C++,  AGK Basic and PureBasic. I tend to think in C.

AGK (App Game Kit) is a cross platform game development language based on BASIC, you can also use the AGK SDK and code in C++.  You can use the same code base for Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux and BlackBerry.

PureBasic is a cross platform language based on BASIC. You can use the same code base for Windows, Linux and MacOS.  To me PureBasic feels like a combination of BASIC and C. First, unlike other BASIC languages, PureBasic isn’t a tokenized language run through an interpreter. It actually compiles the code which results in small, extremely fast executables. It also supports standard DLLs, pointers and inline Assembly. It is a powerful language that happens to use BASIC syntax.  The Bedevere MUD Engine is being developed in PureBasic.

So why do I use BASICish languages rather than C++? Because I can! Believe me, I paid my dues with C++ for many years.  But there are other options that can accomplish what I set out to do much more quickly, and with with less fuss when it comes to cross-platfom development.

But that’s not all, folks.  I also use drag and drop game engines that require little to no programming. The engines I have are GameMaker Studio, IG Maker, GG Maker (also called 001 Game Creator), Clickteam Fusion, FPS Creator, Game Guru, RPG Maker 2003, XP, VX Ace and the newest RPG Maker MV.  Of these, the only ones I really use are RPG Maker MV and Clickteam Fusion, though I have been toying with GameMaker Studio a little bit lately.

Clickteam Fusion makes it ridiculously easy to create a simple game. Games can be exported for Windows, Android, iOS, Flash and HTML5. One thing I really like is that exporting to Android is easy-peasy compared to most dev environments. Of course with the ease comes limitations to what you can do.  But if you want to crank out simple games like Loaves ‘n Fish and The Sleeping Game, it’s fast and easy.

RPG Maker MV is primarily designed to create retro RPG games. For that purpose it is a powerful engine.  I have fiddled with it through several versions, but until RPG Maker MV I really couldn’t find a use for it.  MV switched to JavaScript for scripting so now it is much easier (at least for me) to modify the mechanics to suite what I want.  Since I am interested in making Christian games I don’t want to include battles or magic. I am not saying these should or should not be in a Christian game, just that they don’t fit into the game ideas I have. Anyway, RPG Maker MV allows me to work on those game ideas. Currently I am using RPG Maker MV to develop my bible trivia adventure game.