Why am I writing a MUD engine?

There are plenty of existing free and open source MUD’s available, many have been around for a long time and are very robust.  So why would I write my own?

First, I am doing it because it’s fun.  I love programming, and in creating a text based game engine I don’t have to worry about graphics.  I am not a graphic artist and graphics are my achiles heel when it comes to game programming.  Back in the mid 90’s I was lead programmer on an adventure game called Curly’s Adventure (info, video), unfortunately the game was canceled but it was a fun gig because the company had talented artists so all I had to do was code, and code I did. Writing this MUD engine reminds me of that time, where it was all about the code.

Second, my son loves creating game worlds. My 12 year old son, Thomas, loves creating game worlds with anything he can get his digital hands on. By collaborating with me on the MUD engine he is helping shape software he can use to create his own text based world.

Third, my world view.  By creating a MUD from my Christian world view I hope other Christians may use it to create there own game worlds that share their world view.  Granted, there is nothing to keep someone from creating an anti-Christian game world. But in this fallen world things made in the light are often twisted in the dark.

Fourth, it won’t be a complicated engine.  One of my primary goals with the Bedevere MUD Engine is to create a MUD engine that is easy to use.  An included graphic mapper, plus room, item and enemies gui editors will make it easy to configure and create a world. Plus, admins can create and edit rooms, items and enemies in game without having to restart the engine.