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This page turned out to be pretty long, so get some coffee and start reading. Or just click on something else, it will probably be just as interesting if not more so.

I’ve been programming since the early 80’s. I started on a Timex Sinclair 1000, it had no storage so you had to leave it on until you got tired of whatever program you had written. In the mid 80’s while in the Air Force I did some dBase II programming on a Zenith Z-100. Around this time I bought a Tandy Color Computer II. I eventually upgraded to a Color Computer III with dual drives, RGB monitor and a modem. In the late 80’s and early 90’s I wrote two commercial game for the Coco III. Sydney, the Super Space Snake and Brain Games. A review of Sidney, the Super Space Snake appears in the November, 1991 issue of The Rainbow Magazine.

In the mid 90’s I started working as a part-time programming on a DOS based adventure game called Curly’s Adventure being developed by Sylum Entertainment. When Windows 95 was released the publisher, Epic MegaGames (now just called Epic) decided to move the game from DOS to Windows 95. The current lead programmer either was not able to, or did not want to, program in C++ under Windows. I was promoted to full-time lead programmer, writing the game engine and editor from scratch using Microsoft Visual C++ version 2.0.  Unfortunately while they guys at Sylum Entertainment were exceptional artists, they were not great business men and the game was cancelled before reaching production.  You can learn more about Curly’s Adventure here and here. While coding the game engine was fun and challenging, the whole experience turned me off of developing games for years, I decided to move to B2B programming.

Also during the mid to late 90’s I began writing shareware and some utilities. One of the most popular things was called Alien Detector Pro, it was a joke program that would randomly pop up and alert you to alien presents. At one point is was the highest download joke program on the old Ziff Davis website (now download.com).  In 1996 I released Lydia Email Agent which flourished in the early days of the internet. It would automatically dial your ISP (yes, back in the old days), check for new email then disconnect and alert you of new mail. I 1998 I released KABcam webcam software. KABcam was featured in the book Webcams For Dummies and is the longest selling Webcam software on the Internet. It is still selling. More recently I have released a safe email program for kids called FrazzleMail and a journal/diary program called Journal2Day. You can check out my non-game software at www.kabsoftware.com.

At the dawn of the new century, also known as 2000, I developed a help desk for the Orange-Ulster Board of Cooperative Educational Service (BOCES if you live in NY). The software was a custom piece, not really suited for most IT shops so I decided to write a more commercially viable help desk solution.  In 2003 I finished developing TSC2 Help Desk. In 2005 I created Servantix LLC and renamed the software Servantix Help Desk. Servantix Help Desk was on the market until November 2014 when I decided close the business and spend more time with my family.

That same year, 2014, I decided I wanted to get back into game programming. However, since I am doing it for fun it is taking me a loooooong time to get anything finished. I’ve only released one game, called Loaves n’ Fish for the Android.  I currently have 5 games that are in varying states of development, two are about 95% complete.

Aside from programming, I am an Evangelical Christian. By that I don’t just mean that I go to church a lot (which  I do), but truly I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he died for my sins , was raised three days later and now sits at the right hand of God. I have a wife and 4 kids (well one is in his 30’s, so not really a kid), 3 cats a dog.  I play the acoustic and electric guitars, bass (not so much anymore), mandolin and banjolele (ask me what that is) in a worship band. I also sing and write songs. I enjoy flying RC planes (electric), driving RC cars and trucks with my kids and launching model rockets, including high powered rockets, when there isn’t a burn ban in place. I live in south-central Texas, so we are almost always under a burn ban.  Oh, and I am an IT Director for a manufacturing company.

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  1. Nice to Meet you, You had an Interesting Life 🙂 I started in Computers back in the early 80’s with an Apple 11, The Comodor 64 with a Modem that required an Old phone setting on top of it 🙂 , then went to IBM Computer. I also bought your KabCam, Used it for awhile but now I am using a Real Broadcaster on my Radio Station Website . I also Live in Texas, ChannelView. I Love It Here. I have Lived in California, Louisiana, Florida, Connecticut, and Now Texas. I worked for the US Government , Please Don’t ask who :). Question. do you do Flash Gaming?

    1. My first modem for the Tandy Coco required that you call the other modem with the phone, as soon as you heard the handshake attempt you pressed a button on the modem and hang up, but at least it wasn’t an acoustic coupler like you had. 🙂 I don’t do flash game programming specifically, but some of the tools I used can export the game as flash.

    1. I have Used SETI@Home,
      and I Must Say, Not Useful,
      it Never Found Anything!
      or Warned Me of Eminent Abductions!

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