New Webcomic, Bob Swersky

New Webcomic, Bob Swersky

I’ve started a new webcomic called Bob Swersky, Super Hero.

“Bob Swersky, Super Hero” chronicles the heroics of Bob Swersky as he single-handedly protects Cityville. Using only his calm demeanor and likability he continually thwarts the devious plans of Carl the Evil Klown.

But on the a new menace has arrived in town and Bob will need more than his likability to save Cityville from certain destruction

Check it out at

Sidney the Super Space Snake

Back in 1991 I wrote a game for the Tandy Color Computer 3 called Sidney the Super Space Snake.  I sent the game into the Rainbow magazine to be reviewed, the review wasn’t bad and it sold fairly well.

“The graphics and colors are crisp, sharp and artistically done – a visual delight” – The Rainbow Magazine, September 1991

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